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10 Ways to Honor Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Wedding Toast

You have dreamed about your special day for a long, long time. When the day arrives it will be the happiest day of your life. Sadly, however, for some, that special day may also be a reminder of the special people in their lives who have passed away.

Your wedding can also be a time to celebrate those who are no longer with us and honor them in a special way. While they may not be physically present, their memory can be with you throughout your wedding day.

#1 Reserve a seat in their honor

Creating a physical space for a grandparent, parent, sibling or friend who has passed on is a lovely way to honor them. You can also add a photo or two or a memento of theirs to show your love for them on your big day.

reserved seat
Reserve Them a Seat

#2 Put it in words

Write a special note in your wedding program remembering the special person who can not be with you on your big day. Try to keep your tribute upbeat and heartfelt.

#3 Keep them close to your heart

If possible try to incorporate a memento from your loved one into your wedding dress or bouquet. Special pins, jewelry or handkerchiefs can make your dress extra special and help you feel that loved one’s memory.

#4 Give them a special place

Set aside a table with photos of the loved ones who are no longer with us but hold a special place in our hearts. Guests can visit the table during the reception and remember fond memories of the person. Some couples have placed their wedding book in this table so all their guests can be at their big day.

#5 Remember them with music

Grandpa may have loved jazz, or your dad could have been a big fan of Motown. Talk with your DJ or band and play some special songs dedicated to their memory.

wedding dance
Honor Them with a Song

#6 Remember with flowers

Have a special flower arrangement made in tribute of all the loved one that could not be with you on your wedding day and have it in a special location at the wedding and reception.

#7 Take a moment for to honor them

Have a special moment of reflection or tribute for your loved one either during your wedding ceremony or at the reception. If you have a blessing before the meal, that would be an appropriate time.

Group at a wedding
Take a Moment in Their Honor

#8 Light a candle for them

Take a moment during the ceremony or reception to light a candle in loving memory of those who were not able to be with you.

#9 Give a toast

Some time during the reception give a small toast in their honor. Recall a favorite memory of the loved one and share it with everyone.

Wedding toast
Give Them a Toast

#10 Make a donation to charity in their honor

Give your guests an option of making a donation in honor of the memory of a loved one to a special charity.

While they may not be with us on our big day, honoring a loved ones memory at your wedding is a wonderful way to show they are always with us in spirit.

Here we can help you with honoring loved ones and so much more to make your special day special.


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