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Have a Beautiful Wedding in Every SeasonAs little as 20 years ago there was something called “weddin

As little as 20 years ago there was something called “wedding season.” This was when the majority of weddings took place. The time was spring to early fall, with a heavy amount of weddings in June, July and August.

Now “wedding season” is a thing of the past. Brides and grooms set their special day for any day or month of the year. With so much beauty in every season, it is easy to see why any season of the year is the perfect season to say “I do!”

However, it must be said, no month or season of the year is perfect. So, in addition to all the lovely reasons you should book your wedding for winter, spring, summer or fall, there are a few drawbacks as well.

Winter weddings

The snow, the stillness, the magic that winter can bring makes this season a lovely time to decide to tie the knot. A cozy intimate affair with just a few friends and family or a lavish winter wonderland - this season can make your wedding one to remember!

Wedding rings hanging on a tree in winter

The Perks

Stepping outside during a light snowfall feels like you are stepping into a dream! The air is crisp, the world’s turned white and there is the magnificent bride and groom dressed to perfection. It’s a fairytale!

The white and cleanness of a snowy backdrop makes any color palette pop. Choose dark regal tones, or light air pastels. No matter what your dream color scheme is, it will be heightened by the lovely white all around you.

The cold makes everyone want to gather in close. A roaring fire, candlelit tables, a hot cocoa bar, and warm comfort foods will make your guests feel loved and taken care of at your reception.

With winter not being the most popular time to say “I do,” finding vendors may be a bit simpler (and may even cost a bit less).

The Drawbacks

Yes, snow is beautiful, but it is also tricky to drive in. Bad weather can be a deterrent for guests. A bad storm can also make it tricky for vendors, so having a plan B might be a good option.

Winter means lots of holiday gatherings. If you are planning to get married before Christmas you will be competing with many holiday parties and events. Your snowbirds guests also may have already “flown south” to beat the cold.

Spring weddings

The loveliness and beauty of spring brings such joy! Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, color and life are returning from the white of winter. The air is still a bit cool, yet the sun is warm and radiant. A bright, shiny spring day is a perfect day to say “I do.”

Woman in wedding gown holding a bouquet of flowers

The Perks

With all the lovely spring flowers and trees blooming, lilacs, tulips, cherry blossoms - a soft pastel color palette will give your wedding a soft and sweet feel. The snow is melting away, lifting everyone’s moods! Your guests will already be lively and happy, even before the wedding begins!

As the days get longer the soft light of the afternoon will be the perfect backdrop for outdoor photos. And while spring can notoriously be a cloudy time of the year, don’t fret! Clouds make for the best photos! Your photographer will be pleased!

The holidays are over and the big summer vacations have not quite started yet, so spring is a good time to get all your guests in attendance. Snowbirds are coming back as well.

The Drawbacks

Spring is beautiful, but also unpredictable. Weather can change quickly this time of year, so outdoors events should have a backup plan. There is a reason why “April showers bring May showers” is such a popular saying.

This is the start of what used to be known as the “wedding season.” So vendors may be more difficult to find for your date. Book early. Prices may also increase as well.

Unfortunately, will all the new spring growth in the air, come the dreaded seasonal allergies. If you or your spouse are prone to allergies, (and you don’t want to have puffy eyes and red noses in your wedding photos) you might want to pick a different time of the year.

Summer weddings

Ah, June brides! Summer weddings really do have so much to offer. The warm weather, extended daylight hours, everything is lush and green. It is a beautiful time of year to start a new life with your spouse.

Wedding party taking a fun picture in the summer

The Perks

Summer seems to have it all, doesn’t it? Starting first with the weather. Warm days and not-too-cool evenings make this season perfect for outdoor weddings, receptions or both! Use nature as your backdrop and say your vows next to a lake, in a botanical garden or surrounded by a canopy of trees. You won’t need many decorations - Mother Nature has got you covered!

Summer equals sunshine, lots and lots of sunshine! Morning light comes early and dust hangs on far into the evening. This allows you to choose just about any time of day to have your wedding.

The pastels of spring may no longer be here, but summer brings an abundance of flowers of all styles and colors. And with this being the optimal time for them to be in bloom, prices for your favorite flowers might not be as pricey as other times of the year.

The bounty of summer also means great food! Summer weddings can see a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables making your reception dishes even more delicious.

The Drawbacks

Summer is almost perfect, but one word can put a damper on any big day - bugs. Yes, those creepy crawling little creatures are everywhere this time of year. Ants, beetles, bees, wasps and of course mosquitoes can cause guests (and even you) to be distracted on your big day. Take some precautions (especially if you are having any outdoor festivities) and avoid the swatting and annoyance that bugs bring.

Yes parties can go well into the night with a summer wedding, but be careful of the heat. Hot days can be a drain on your guests and while the bride should be glowing on her wedding day, she should not be glowing from sweat! Have plenty of water available so no one gets dehydrated.

Summer may be the perfect time for a wedding, but it is also a perfect time for many other things. Weddings this time of year will be competing with vacations, kids ball tournaments and reunions. Send those Save the Dates early!

Fall Weddings

Sweater weather! A lovely crisp fall day filled with warm colors and rustic charm. Fall has so much to offer with its warm days and cool evenings, beautiful shades of red, orange, yellow and green. A time to be thankful and a time for new beginnings as a married couple!

Wedding ring setting on an autumn leaf

The Perks

Just as everyone is getting a little tired of the heat, along comes fall. Weddings this time of year allow for brides to be comfortable in whatever type of gown they choose. If a darker color palette is your preference, fall has so much to choose from.

The changing leaves on trees give a beautiful natural backdrop with an almost infinite number of locations to choose from. The more predictable weather of fall also allows for outdoor ceremonies to rarely need a back-up plan.

Brides who love the rustic look will gravitate to a fall wedding. This time of year is perfect for a reception in a converted barn decorated with pumpkins, hay bales and cornucopias.

The Drawbacks

Fall can be a tricky time for those you want to share your special day with. No matter what the age of your guests it seems that fall always fills up with all kinds of events and activities. And any football lover is going to be torn between your big day and tickets to a home game.

This time of the year can be tougher financially for guests as well. Summer vacation, back-to-school expenses and the like can make traveling to an out-of-town wedding, more than their budget will allow.

The popularity of a rustic wedding may also make booking vendors and locations a bit trickier.

And while the rustic look is lovely it may start to feel overdone. Find your own unique take on decorations for fall to make your wedding stand out from the rest!

Bottom line

Any season is the perfect season for you and your spouse to get married. Pick a time of year that has some meaning for you and no matter what the weather or who is able to be there, it will be a special magical day you will always remember!


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