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Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Congratulations! You’re getting married!

While it is important to bask in the glow of your engagement - celebrating with your family and friends (and of course your fiance), it is also important to make a few preliminary decisions about your upcoming big day.

If you want to get married during a certain month of the year or at a specific venue, you should probably reserve that as soon as possible. There may be more flexibility on other vendors, but if you want to get married in a botanical garden or golf course in June, you probably want to get that booked as soon as possible.

One other service you should think about hiring as soon as you can is a wedding planner.

But do you really need a wedding planner? Can’t I just plan it myself? Yes, of course you can. However, having a professional wedding planner can make the process go so much more smoothly, helping you to fully enjoy your big day.

When considering hiring a wedding planner, know that there are many options available. Wedding planners or consultants can be involved from the minute you say “yes,” or be there only on your wedding day.

Whatever way and for however long you have a wedding planner, the important thing to know is this - your wedding planner’s goal is to make your day special and wonderful for you. They want you to enjoy every aspect of your day and not to stress or worry. Here are just a few of the many reasons to hire a wedding planner.

clip board with an empty bulleted wedding list, pen. laptop

They are professionals

A wedding consultant’s job is to plan weddings. I mean, of course it is. Chances are wedding planning is not your full-time job. However, it may feel like that once you get deeper into planning mode. There are so many details to coordinate, people to talk to, deadlines that have to be met, that planning your wedding can quickly go from exciting to stressful. It shouldn’t be that way!

Planning and preparing for your wedding day should be a fun enjoyable experience. After all, this is how you are getting ready to commit your life to your fiance - you don’t want to go into that lifelong commitment stressed and overwhelmed, do you? Hiring a wedding planner, for all or some of the wedding planning is the perfect way to take the stress off of you.

Wedding planners can take on tasks that are overwhelming to you. You may know what type of food you want for the wedding, but you just do not have the time to communicate back and forth with the caterer. You may have found and booked a photographer you love but you need someone else to go over the exact type of photos you want taken. These are details a wedding planner not only knows how to do, but has done many times before. Which leads to the next reason to hire a wedding planner …

They have done this before

Wedding planners have done it all and seen it all. They know how to deal with difficult vendors, mix-ups with flowers or cakes and intoxicated guests. Things that you absolutely do not want to have to deal with on your wedding day.

But more than that, wedding planners know what works and what doesn’t work at weddings and can give the soon-to-be newlyweds some advice on how to make their wedding memorable and their reception a success. They can help create and more importantly stick to your wedding budget. It can be very easy to add on a little here and a little there to things like food, photos and flowers. Before you know it you can be thousands of dollars over budget and stressing about how you are going to pay for it. A planner can take your budget and show you how to get the most out of every penny.

With so much experience, a wedding planner also has the inside scoop on little known vendors that can save you money or suggestions for favors or food for the reception. If you have a theme in mind a planner may know where to get supplies or have some out-of-the-box ideas that will make your wedding something your guests will always remember.

Bride and groom dancing at wedding

Remember while your aunt, or cousin or friend, whoever you asked to help you with your wedding, can easily get distracted and caught up in the festivities, a wedding planner is there for you. Which brings us to our next reason ….

They were hired by you, for you

You hired your wedding planner. They are here to make sure your wedding is exactly how you dreamed it would be. Your wedding - not what your mom wanted, or your mother-in-law wanted or your cousin thought you should have.

As the Big Day approaches and the excitement builds, it can be easy to get overwhelmed or forget some tasks that are important. A wedding planner is there to help you remember and fill in those gaps. Like remembering when you need to register for a wedding license and then remembering to pick up your wedding license. Having a special place for your grandmother to sit at the ceremony and making sure your maid of honor has a vegan meal at the reception. These are details that can quickly pile up and ones that a wedding planner can easily take care of with a few phone calls.

Plus you want to enjoy your big day. Having someone there to help make sure the wedding and reception run smoothly means you don’t have to. You just got married! You should be enjoying yourself - not worrying if the DJ has the right song for your first dance, or if the flowers were delivered on time.

And when you are enjoying your day, others will, too. You want your bridal party, parents, family and friends to remember your wedding day as a happy day - not a day when you were stressed or they had to do a bunch of work.

This is why hiring a wedding planner is so helpful, even if it is only for the day of the wedding. They can handle everything behind-the-scenes so you and your spouse, as well as your family and friends, can fully enjoy the day. Any issues that may come up during your wedding day will be handled quietly and discreetly by your wedding planner because …

They are great with people

Wedding planners are notoriously people persons. They know how to work with all types of personalities and temperaments. A bride does not want to talk to a stressed out caterer on their wedding day, but a wedding planner can and knows how to fix issues that come up.

Vendors, family or bridal party members, no matter who has an issue or needs a question answered, a wedding planner is right there to solve the problem or answer the question. They are there to take the stress off of you.

In addition wedding planners are also great at planning (hence the name), so they will have your big day mapped out from getting your hair styled to when you get your big send off at the end of the reception - and every minute in between. If vendors are early or are running late they will coordinate and make minor adjustments so the party keeps going without any stress or worry on you.

Bride and groom facing each other smiling together

Wedding planners love their jobs because they get to help couples start new chapters of their lives. They want you to be happy. They want your day to be a success. Trust your wedding to the hands of a wedding planner.

This is a big moment in your life - be sure to enjoy it!


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