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Gianna & Timothy - Christ Chapel Church Wedding, Hillsdale, MI

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Gianna & Timothy - Christ Chapel Church Wedding, Hillsdale, MI
Gianna & Timothy

Have you ever met someone and instantly know the two of you were going to get along? That’s how I felt when I first met Gianna.

Have you ever met someone and instantly know the two of you were going to get along? That’s how I felt when I first met Gianna.
Gianna + Timothy | The Green Wedding

As a brand-new business owner, I didn’t know what to expect when I set up for my first bridal show. As a wedding planner I have years of experience, but as a wedding planning business I was new.

I met Gianna during that first show and immediately there was a spark. I was ecstatic she chose me to help her with her wedding day. Shortly after I met her fiancé Timothy and the plans for their wedding day continually fell into place.

Mr. & Mrs. Green

A few weeks into planning the pandemic hit. A curveball none of us could have seen coming. Even though times were uncertain, we all maintained a positive attitude. We continued to move forward with each detail and had faith that everything Gianna and Timothy had planned would come together. I am so happy to say that it did!

Christ Chapel, in the heart of its campus.

Timothy and Gianna married in the stunningly beautiful chapel on the Campus of Hillsdale College followed by a reception at the Searle Center. Any challenges that arose were gratefully handled between myself and the experienced staff. This is why I love what I do. Watching the Bride and Groom enjoying each other, their family and friends and entrusting me with the details of the day, brings me such a satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

I am forever grateful for the day I met Gianna and wish Mr. and Mrs. Green a lifetime of happiness!

Gianna's Review

"I met Carolyn at a Bridal Expo and from the moment we met, I knew I was going to be in great hands! Planning a wedding in the midst of a pandemic is no easy task, but Carolyn set off right away to help me secure vendors (even through quarantine while I was out of state), put schedules together, help taste test, and was always available any day of the week for silly questions like 'what's the traditional order of a processional?' Carolyn knew exactly when to pop into my texts to offer my husband and I encouraging words and reminders when things looked bleak, which meant the world to us. Despite the pandemic, our wedding day (and rehearsal) went incredibly well and it was all thanks to Carolyn's excellent organizational skills. She is a steadfast leader and exuded calmness and grace as she seemingly effortlessly guided my wedding from start to finish. I say seemingly because I know that she put in hours upon hours of effort to make sure that my wedding was exactly the wedding I dreamed it to be. She was always the first one there, the last to leave, and was never out of reach in the moments I needed her the most. The only thing I regret is not having more time to spend with her! If you are looking for your happily ever after, look no further. You've found it here."


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